2010 Kattack Race Viewer

Kattack provided the transponders and race viewers for the 2010 event; you can review the races for each individual fleet on this page.

The Lake Ontario 300 Organizing Committee is currently reviewing various race tracking options for 2011.

A letter to the Lake Ontario 300

2010 race with competitors organized by fleet.

Main Duck FC PHRF 1

Main Duck FC PHRF 2

Main Duck FC PHRF 3

Main Duck FC PHRF 4

Main Duck FC PHRF 5

Main Duck FC PHRF 6

Main Duck IRC 1

Main Duck IRC 2

Main Duck DH PHRF 1

Main Duck DH PHRF 2

Scotch Bonnet Spin DH PHRF 1

Scotch Bonnet Spin FC PHRF 1

Scotch Bonnet WS DH PHRF 1

Scotch Bonnet WS FC PHRF 1

Scotch Bonnet WS FC PHRF 2

Scotch Bonnet WS FC PHRF 3

Scotch Bonnet WS FC PHRF 4

LO 300 SH PHRF 1

Main Duck FC GLMRA 1

On the left hand side console:

  • Click on the Boats tab to select which yacht to track
  • Click on the Charts tab to view Polars and Boat speed for the selected yachts
  • Click on Advanced to change the Tail Length of each yacht in seconds (i.e. 1200 sec will display a track of the past 20 minutes)

Using the controls on the viewer screen (right hand side):

  • You can switch the viewer to Full Screen mode and eliminate the left console
  • You can set the viewer to zoom in on a particular subset of the course; either specific boats or race marks
  • The Replay Speed buttons will be available once the race is completed in order to replay the race at a faster rate.
  • You can toggle the display of Boat Names and Google Map background; Auto Camera will automatically set the zoom to include all tracked yachts
  • You can set the Zoom In or Out; note that Auto camera has to be unchecked in order to enable the Zoom tool
  • You can make the boat icons appear larger using the Zoom Boat tool

Some tips that help for viewing these offshore races.

  • Check the “Map” button to show the google map background.
  • Increase the speed to 100x to make it more interesting.
  • The scrollbar on the bottom can be used to scroll thru the race.
  • To remove a boat from the view, select the “Boats” tab and uncheck the boat.
  • To follow a specific boat, select it from the Boats dropdown.
  • To lengthen the tail, goto the “Advanced” tab and set the Tail Length to 3600 (max value is 1 hr)

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