Information Needed at Registration

In order to be fully registered, you need to provide the following information:

Skipper Details

We need to know the some information about the skipper. This information is collected through the Yacht Scoring application. Mandatory fields are identified as such; please provide as much information as possible.

Yacht Details

This information is also collected through the Yacht Scoring application and includes things such as the boat name, information about your campaign, and the performance rating of your yacht. Click here for more information about the performance rating systems that apply to the LO300.

Although the organizing committee will make an effort to validate all rating certificate on-line prior to race day, you may need to provide a copy of your valid rating certificate at the race check-in day. Please make sure you have a copy with you.

Course and Fleet Selection

This information is also collected through the Yacht Scoring application and include information about your selection of the race course and fleet in which you want to participate. Please contact us at if you wish to change the course and fleet you originally selected on Yacht Scoring.

Crew Details

We strongly encourage you to use the on-line version of the Crew List available at Yacht Scoring available in the Owners’ Corner. A pdf form is also available on the Race Documents page and copies will be available on check-in day for last minute changes. The Crew List is a very important document in case of emergency.

Safety Certificate

You need to provide proof that your yacht conforms to the required safety requirements. This is a signed declaration from the skipper indicating that he has reviewed all safety requirements for he race along with a safety inspector and the yacht conforms to these requirements.

The safety inspection is typically completed within days of the final registration at the event.

The signed copy of the Standard Inspection Card must be produced at final check-in on Friday prior to the start of the race.

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