Step-by-Step Guide for New Racers

We have developed this Lake Ontario 300 Participation Guide to help newcomers to the event; do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any question.

  1. Are you eligible to race?
    1. Review the Notice of Race for eligibility
    2. Ensure you are a member of a yacht club associated with a national authority (CYA or US Sailing)
      1. Contact us if you are not sure
    3. Ensure you have a valid handicap rating for your yacht (IRC, PHRF, GLMRA, etc.)
      1. Obtaining a certificate can take time, do not leave it until the last minute
    4. Ensure your yacht has appropriate sail numbers
    5. Review our Introduction to Stability Screening page
  2. Select which fleet and division are suitable for you and your yacht
    1. Scotch Bonnet Island Course
      1. Open to White Sail yachts (no spinnaker)
      2. Open to Spinnaker yachts with a PHRF rating of 183 or more
      3. Double-handed or Fully Crewed
    2. Main Duck Island Course
      1. Open to Multi hull yachts
      2. Open to Monohulls Spinnaker with a maximum PHRF rating of 180
      3. Double-handed or Fully Crewed
      4. Solo racers under GLSS rules (contact us for more details)
  3. Review the safety requirements and mandatory equipment list
    1. Ensure your yacht and your crew can comply with the safety requirements of the race
    2. Make arrangements with the Safety Inspector (or a flag officer) of your home yacht club to have the yacht inspected before the race
    3. Perform your Crew Overboard Recovery drill and sign the certificate before the race; you will need to present the certificate at race check-in on Friday
  4. Register on-line
    1. The earlier the better, it provides the race organizers with the information for adequate planning ahead of time
    2. Registration and payment deadline is June 30th
    3. Ensure that all required information is provided before check-in
  5. Select your partners for the Skippers Plan Team Challenge
    1. Encourage fellow racers from your home club to be on your winning team
    2. Prizes awarded for your home club Junior Sail program
  6. Get all the details about the race
    1. Review the Sailing Instructions, it’s all in there
    2. Get you Lake Ontario 300 Regalia
    3. Ensure you have the latest version including all Amendments; changes can be issued until the very last minute
    4. Review Main Duck Island and Scotch Bonnet Island history
    5. Review the FAQ’s
    6. Check out the trophies!
    7. Support the sponsors!
  7. Plan your navigation
    1. Confirm your GPS waypoints; LO300 uses degrees-decimal minutes annotation, i.e. 43°36.32′N, 79°23.50′W in all documents
    2. Review the safety resources
  8. Find crew members
    1. Use the LO300 crew bank to find crew members
  9. Share you photos and videos
    1. Get your camera ready
  10. Plan your provisions
    1. Lots of water
    2. Plan for food that is easy to prepare in inclement weather
  11. PCYC arrival planning
    1. Review Customs requirements
      1. for USA yachts traveling to PCYC
      2. for Canadian yachts racing in US waters (i.e. bring your passport)
    2. Complete the PCYC docking form for visiting yachts
    3. Did you get a copy of the latest SI’s?
    4. Given the number of competing yachts, plan to be rafted against other boats at the PCYC docks
    5. No access to pump out at PCYC; pump out at your home club before leaving
    6. Fuel available at the Marina next door from PCYC
  12. Race Check-in (Friday afternoon)
    1. Provide the following:
      1. a copy of your rating certificate
      2. a copy of your safety inspection
      3. a copy of your crew list unless you have used the on-line version at Yacht Scoring
      4. a copy of your COB Recovery Drill
    2. Pick-up your Yellowbrick yacht tracking transponder
      1. Follow the mounting instructions
    3. Pick up you Skippers bag
    4. Pick up your Crew bag
    5. Relax on the PCYC patio and enjoy the BBQ
  13. Skippers Meeting (Friday evening)
    1. Attendance is mandatory, SI’s will be discussed
    2. Weather briefing
    3. Draws, prizes, etc.
    4. Live music
  14. Sperry Top-Sider Breakfast
    1. Free breakfast for all racers
  15. Let’s go racing!
    1. Rafts break-up at 9:30am
    2. Review your starting order, first start is 10:30am
    3. Start line approximately 3nm away from shore
    4. Stay out of the start area until it’s your turn; there will be lots of sailboats out there!
  16. Tuesday Night Return Party at PCYC
    1. Share stories with fellow racers
    2. BBQ
    3. Winners get their Flags!
  17. Awards Banquet
    1. Saturday, September 24th

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