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Lake Ontario 300 Challenge Social Media 101


  • No need to be a Facebook member to view the lake Ontario 300 page on Facebook, simply click the Facebook logo above. You can also view the LO300 Facebook wall in the column to the right of most pages on this website.
  • If you are an existing Facebook member, click on the Facebook logo and “like” our page; all LO300 Facebook updates will appear on your personal Facebook News Feed. You can also contribute directly to the LO300 Facebook page by writing on our wall, sharing photos, videos, links, etc.


  • The Lake Ontario 300 committee uses Twitter for updates during the race.
  • Click on the Twitter logo above to view the LO300 Twitter page or view the Twitter feed in the column on the right.
  • If you are an existing Twitter member, simply follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates delivered to your timeline.
  • Mention @LO300 when tweeting so anyone can find your tweet during the race!

YouTube Channel

  • View videos on the Lake Ontario 300 YouTube Channel by clicking on the logo above.
  • Follow these steps to share your personal videos of the Lake Ontario 300:

  1. Create your video using anything from a camcorder with video editing software on a PC to a smartphone
  2. Create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one
  3. Upload your video to your YouTube account
  4. Navigate to the LO300 YouTube Channel while logged on to YouTube (
  5. In the LO300Tube box next to the logo on the left side, click on “Send Message”
  6. Provide some details about the video and selct which video to include from the ‘Attach Video” drop-down box
  7. Hit “Send Message”
  8. The LO300Tube administrator will receive you video, review it and mark it as a Favorite on the Youtube channel for everyone to enjoy!
  9. This feature can also be used for videos from previous years.

  • You can Subscribe to the LO300Tube Channel to see all new updates from your YouTube account.


  • Click on the Flickr logo above to access the Lake Ontario 300 image library.
  • Images are organized by Collections, which contain various Sets; you can navigate using the text menus at the top or the thumbnails on the right.
  • As a Flickr member, you can join the LO300 Flickr Group and share your own Flickr photos of the event (note that it may take a few days for you images to appear in the Group if you are a new Flickr member). These images will eventually appear in a dedicated Flickr Gallery on the main LO300 Flickr page.

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